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The clip shows Logan Kelsey MacNamara quickly reacting to the raccoon attacking 5-year-old Rylee on the porch of their Ashford home on Friday. Rylee screamed while attempting to kick off the animal as it clamped on just above her foot.

MacNamara pulled the raccoon off by the scruff of the neck, warning both Rylee and someone else to stay inside because the raccoon could be rabid. The mom then tossed the raccoon aside.

MacNamara shared the video of the “unprovoked” attack at Rylee’s request, she said on Facebook. “I can’t tell you how proud I am of this Brave girl!!” she wrote.

“The mother behaved in a way that was very heroic,” Geoff Krukar, a wildlife biologist for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, told Fox 61. “I think she did everything correctly by avoiding getting bit and warning the neighbor to stay back and getting the child to safety.”

Rylee and MacNamara both received a round of rabies shots, the mother wrote in Facebook updates, noting that the animal had not been found.

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