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You know the cheesy movie franchise “Sharknado,” about tornadoes full of airborne sharks?

A California surfer had his own experience with a flying shark when a great white breached the water as he rode a wave at San Onofre on Saturday ― and photographer Jordan Anast captured the moment.

Anast told HuffPost on Wednesday he had “never before” shot such an image.

“My website and my Instagram have blown up,” he said. “The traffic is unbelievable as this thing has gone worldwide.”

“It’s a shot I’ll never get again,” Anast told the newspaper. “It just looks like ‘Sharknado,’ it doesn’t look real.”

The surfer, Tyler Warren, did not notice the shark amid the choppy conditions during the annual San Onofre Surfing Club contest, Anast told For the Win.

Other competitors said the great white appeared to be ambushing a pelican, the club wrote on Facebook. Sharks can breach 10 feet in the air to hunt but it’s rare, according to a Smithsonian website.

The photobombing shark was said to be a great white juvenile about 9 feet long, Chris Lowe of Cal State Long Beach’s Shark Lab estimated, according to For the Win.

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