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Increasingly companies around the world are under pressure to respond to global climate change. These pressures from stakeholders and corporate best practice sharing have culminated in a turning point. This white paper outlines a step‑by‑step process for corporate leaders to address growing concerns from the investment community, broader society, and other stakeholders.

The time is now to establish your path to Destination: Net Zero and CFOs are recognizing the near-term need to address global climate change. The paper highlights how energy solutions with creative financing business models — like Energy as a Service — can address many of the all-too-common internal obstacles to planning and implementing net zero programs.

This white paper, developed in collaboration with Guidehouse Insights, covers topics including:

  • Why companies are moving on climate change
  • Moving forward on climate issues: five key drivers
  • The Practical Path to Net Zero: A Six-Step Approach
  • Addressing barriers and measuring progress

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